More Fall, More Aerification

October finally brought fall-like temps and some much needed rain.  We’ve already experienced multiple frosts and are looking at freezing nighttime lows this weekend.   Frost delays will be more common as we get into November.  When frost is present, we are unable to mow or even walk on most of the grass.  Walking on a frosty green will damage the plant tissue causing cells to break and turn chlorotic, leading to possible turf loss.    When a frost delay is in effect, please remain off all grass until notified.   The putting green tends to stay frosty longer due to the shade of the clubhouse,  keep this in mind while waiting for your tee time.

All fairways were aerified this past week.  Last season, 2018, we experienced an extremely wet fall and were unable to pull cores in the fairways.  Instead our only option was to use solid tines, which punch holes but don’t remove thatch.  This season, being much more dry, we were able to pull cores and clean them up quickly.  The process took two days and went very smooth.  We did the front 9 last Monday then had a rain event of .33″ overnight.  Luckily conditions had been so dry that it did not affect us the next day on the back 9.   This cultural practice will benefit our fairways tremendously in the spring and during all of the 2020 season.

All tees were aerified over the past month with cores pulled as well.  Tees were then rolled and fertilized.  Relieving  compaction and creating pore space will help our tees heal much faster.  Along with fairways, next season we are trying a new foliar fed nitrogen product that will be applied bi-weekly.  This should help give our tees that extra kick we need to keep up with the amount of traffic and wear they receive.  We are also trying a new divot mix next season.  Seed will be added as always, but this mix contains a little compost (fert) and topsoil which will keep the seed moist longer than straight sand.  The moisture will cause the seed to germinate at a higher rate, leading to quicker healing divots.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of the 2019 season.  We are preparing for winter but we have a few projects on deck to make the course even better for 2020!

As always, GO BUCKS!!

Dave Norris, Superintendent