They’re Back!

This past week we put all of our effort into getting the new maple trees planted on the front drive. We spent the afternoon on Wednesday plotting out where the trees were going to be planted. We wanted them to be a little further off the drive so large vehicles would not damage them. We also had to make sure we stayed away from all underground utility lines. On Thursday, we rented an auger attachment for skid steer and dug all of the holes. It took us most of the morning on Friday to safely transport all of the large trees from our maintenance building to the front drive. We had to be very careful we didn’t hit any overhead branches on existing trees. Once the trees were in place we spent the afternoon measuring and fitting each tree into the ground. Next week, we will be cleaning up the dirt and debris from the holes and piling it at our shop. Once we grind out the old ash tree stumps in the beginning of February, we will use the dirt from the new tree holes to fill the stump holes.  When spring arrives, we will sod all the old stumps, seed any thin areas, and mulch around our new trees.