Creek Flooding the Course

We finally got what we have been hoping for – nice warm temperatures to melt all of this snow! ┬áThe one drawback to such a fast melt is the flooding that comes with it. I took most of these pictures on Friday and Saturday as I toured the course. By the time you will be reading this, most of this water will have already receded. These areas will always be perennial flood areas, because their drainage depends on the level of the creek that runs through the golf course. We have excellent drainage on the property but these areas will not dissipate until the creek level goes down. When the creek rises this high, the water levels (pictured below) are equal to the level of the creek – thus not letting the water flow through the drain tiles. Since the creek continues to the northwest of our property, it gets inundated with runoff from numerous storm drains. Most of you never get to see this type of flooding in person because if this happens in the spring the water level usually returns to normal by the next day and all of the water is gone.