Small Pest – Big Damage

Many of you have probably heard us over the past several weeks removing trees from the property. These have all been Ash trees. I know that I have written about the Emerald Ash Borer before and how it has devastated countless numbers of ash trees. We are not removing any trees this year that are alive; we are simply removing trees that are completely dead. Recently, we removed about 10 trees along the right side of hole 13 by the creek. Below is a picture of the damage that we found after we removed some of the bark. This damage was done from the larvae of the Emerald Ash Borer – not the adults. The adults feed on foliage and do not cause any significant damage. It is the larvae they lay that will bore into the tree and cause the disruption of the flow of water and nutrients throughout the tree. This is what ultimately leads to the death of the tree. Below are also pictures of an adult EAB and the larvae.