Giant Groundhogs

Is this cold weather and snow ever going to end?! Mother Nature has not given us any ideal working weather in the last few weeks, but that has not slowed us down out on the course. In case you didn’t get the memo, Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow on February 2, 2014 indicating 6 more weeks of winter (ain’t he got that right). Based on this famous fury creatures’ prediction, we are hoping for a glimpse of Spring at least by the third week of March. Read more about Groundhog Day 2014

Mr. Groundhog must have brought his giant cousins over to Heritage Golf Club because it looks like giant groundhog holes lining the front drive up to the clubhouse; don’t go off the beaten path, or you may find yourself in the dirt!¬†Last week was the first week we had the stump grinder on the property. We were able to grind out all of the stumps on the front drive and around the parking lot, and also a good number of trees on the golf course.¬† The stumps we were not able to get to on the course will be ground when the stump grinder returns next week. The freezing temperatures have slowed down the clean-up process. We really need to clean the holes out thoroughly, and right now most of the debris in the holes is frozen, making it tough to clean out. Looking at the forecast for this week, we should be able to get to those by mid week as temperatures are expected to rise.

While the stump grinder is gone for the week, we are finishing up the rest of the Ash tree removal on the golf course. Our goal is to have all of the remaining trees cut down by the end of the week, so we can grind the stumps the following week.