Cart Path Repair

The weather is beautiful this week and we are getting a lot done on the course.  Most of the stump grindings are cleaned up and we are working on the front drive as well.  The dirt around the new trees is finally thawed enough to clean up and we are preparing the old tree holes for sod.  Irrigation work will begin on the drive later this week depending on how much bad weather we get on Wednesday.

We have also taken the opportunity to remove the crumbled concrete cart path behind the north driving range tee.  We used a concrete saw to cut out the bad areas and removed it with the skid loader.  When the concrete was removed we found that there was no gravel base underneath the concrete.  This is why the concrete failed.  When it was originally poured it was placed directly onto the clay. With the hard freeze we had this year, the clay was saturated with water and when it froze it expanded and pushed the concrete up.  To remedy the situation from happening again, we excavated 4 inches of the clay and are bringing in gravel.  This way when water gets underneath the concrete, it will filter through the gravel and into the drainage that runs along the path.  This should stop the concrete from heaving again.