Sod On The Way

We are finally getting some decent weather to get some work done. I have been waiting to prepare the front drive and areas around the parking lot and golf course because I was not able to get a delivery of sod until now.  I have been in constant contact with the sod producer to see when he was able to cut.  It has finally dried out enough that we are getting a load of sod in tomorrow. We have spent the past few days preparing the areas for the delivery. On the front drive, the old stump holes were filled with dirt then tamped. After that, we cut  clean grass edge around them to prepare for the sod.  We then will rake out the area and make sure we have good edges for the new sod to key into. We are also fixing an irrigation line that we hit when we were digging the holes for the new trees. To keep all of the trees in a straight line, we are moving the line out of the way.

We are also working on the 2 front islands in the parking lot. These two islands have irrigation in them so we have removed all of the tall grasses and old stumps to rake the area out smooth. We will be sodding these two islands with Kentucky bluegrass and planting new trees in the islands at the same time. We purchased Cleveland Select Pear trees for the islands and around the clubhouse. These make excellent trees for parking lot areas because they have a very upright growth. This will help avoid the trees getting hit by tall trucks or semis that come into the lot. They also provide great spring and fall color as well.