Defining The Lines

Just when we thought Mother Nature was giving up and letting spring through the door she had one last laugh.  An inch of rain and then an inch of snow wasn’t exactly what we needed 4 days before we opened but things could have been worse.

Last week the crew did an outstanding job getting a lot of work done around the golf course.  They swept the course raking and cleaning up sticks and debris, filled the remaining stump holes with dirt, and edged and cleaned up the front 9 bunkers.  Edging bunkers is a very labor intensive process for everyone involved.  Dave and Jacob started out the process hand edging around each bunker with sod knives.  This puts a clean defined edge around the entire bunker.  We do this every spring to define the line between what area is the hazard and what is not.  After they have done their job, another crew comes in and picks up the edgings by hand and hauls them away.  We then blow out the entire bunker removing and small chunks of grass and other debris.  The last step in the process is stirring up the sand using the sand pro.  Our mechanics custom made a set of rake tines that mount to the unit.  These tines will break through the crusty layer of sand and stir it up but they will not tear up the matting underneath the sand.  Once the sand is stirred up we will shape the bunker ensuring a uniform depth of sand throughout the entire bunker.  This entire process took about 3 days.  The back nine bunkers were started on Monday and will hopefully be completed before opening day.

Here are some pictures of what the bunkers look like before and after we edge them.