Subtle Changes

This week was all about instantly turning brown into green. We sodded several areas on the front 9 and the driving range this past week. Most of the sod was laid just off the cart path – correcting worn out areas from carts coming slightly off the paths during wet conditions.  The turf around the new concrete on the north range path was also cut out and resodded. The biggest change that we made last week may be hard to notice. Number 3 forward tee was shrunk down, creating a smaller teeing area but it also made room for an additional drop area. The current drop area is contoured slightly too much, making it difficult to find a flat area to drop. This fall we plan to cut up the old drop area and rebuild it. As you can see from the few pictures I took of the new complex, I was struggling on how big to make the new drop area. Needless to say slightly bigger won out. The paint should mow off within the week.

The other subtle change we have made this year is the placement of the bunker rakes. We have switched from the past years and are now placing the rakes in the bunkers. All 250 rakes have stickers on them that ask to please place rakes in bunkers. After the first week of being open, many people may have not noticed the stickers because quite a few rakes are laying outside of the sand in the morning. Like any change, it will take some getting used to, but please try to place the rake back into the bunker once you have raked yourself out.