New Water Feature

This past Wednesday we came in and were planning out our day.  It was like any other routine morning…until Dave, our course setup man for the day, came to the first tee and looked at the area to the left of 12 forward tee.  At some point overnight an irrigation line exploding dumping several thousand gallons of water out.  It pretty much created a lake in the open area between 1 and 12 tees that came up to my kneecaps.  It also created a nice little lazy river that went in front of 12 forward tee all the way to 18 lake.  Needless to say we immediately jumped into action.  We killed the pumps at the pumphouse so the water would stop flowing out.  We then used our trash pump to move the water covering 12 carthpath so traffic could get through.  Once the paths were clear we started digging up the area to find the culprit.  A 2 1/2 inch irrigation line split open.  The crack was about 18 inches long.  We then cut out the bad area and repaired the section with new pipe.  After the glue dried overnight, we started the pumps back up and checked for leaks.  The patch was holding at full pressure so we filled the hole with fresh soil.  Once the area dries out a little more we will clean up some of the remaining mud and seed the area.

Another issue that has come to my attention is the use of sunflower seeds on the golf course.  Seeds are fine anywhere except for on the putting surfaces.  Not only do they get caught in our mowers and can possibly cause drag marks across the green, but the main reason is for the groups that follow you.  It’s not good to have to clean up someone else’s spent seeds to get them out of your line.  Please refrain from the use of seeds when you are on the greens.


Below is a link to a video that Dave took when he came upon the leak.



IMG_3436 IMG_3437