DryJect Update

We received 1.25 inches of rain from Sunday night through Monday morning.  I thought there was no way we were going to get our DryJecting done on greens as scheduled.  Thankfully the rain stopped around 7 am and we hit the ground running.  First, our second 25 ton load of dry sand showed up around 630 while it was still raining.  I couldn’t get the sand wet so there was only one thing to do- pull all of the equipment out of our building and have the truck dump it inside.  It went off without a hitch and the sand stayed completely dry.  The contractor brought 3 machines with him which greatly sped up the process.  I sent 2 people with each unit.  They kept a steady flow of sand in the machine so the operator had no down time.  Myself and one other person kept the pipeline of sand going by taking empty trucks back to the shop and refilling them.  The process went very smooth and all greens were completed by 3:30.  All said and done, we injected somewhere between 35 and 37 ton of dry sand into the greens without removing a core.  This should really help to firm up the putting surface.

Once the excess sand leftover from the DryJecting process was dry, I went around with a pull behind brush and worked the excess sand into the canopy.  Chris then rolled all greens smoothing them out.  Finally, Dave sprayed greens with several foliar fertilizers to get the turf growing aggressively.  They may roll little slower this week due to the increased top growth but I’m hoping that all of the holes will be completely healed over by the weeks end.


Here is a link to the process in action on the putting green: