More Testing

Thursday we started another trial with a product that is supposed to take out of fairways and tees rapidly.  It is an experimental use product that I was asked to try out on our golf course.  By asking several courses to try small areas on their fairways, it gives the manufacturer a lot of good input on the product.  Does it work on all bio types of poa?  Does it injury non-target plants (bent, Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass)?  How does the area perform when under cart traffic and stress?  These are questions that cannot always be answered on a university test plot where there is no traffic on the area.  Anytime that I hear there is a product out there that will kill poa without killing bentgrass I get very excited.  We sprayed this product on 5000 sq ft of our fairways.  We did one small trial on the short side of number 1 fairway just across the walk bridge.  The other trial is at the very beginning of number 16 fairway.  These areas will be treated every 2 weeks for a total of 6 applications.


16 fairway Poa Trial

16 fairway Poa Trial


Restoration of the Heritage sign in front of number 9 lake is also complete.  Everything on the sign except for the copper overlay of the golfer is new.  I would like to thank Kenny, Chris and Mike for their hard work and attention to detail.


And finally someone sent me a picture of a sign they saw on a golf course they were playing and sent it to me.  Definitely some food for thought…