University Trials

This past week we had Dr. Street from The Ohio State University come out and do some trials on our golf course.  The product we are working with is called PoaCure.  It is an experimental herbicide that is claiming that it can be sprayed on bentgrass (greens, tees and fairways) and will slowly kill any poa annua in those areas without killing the bent.  The product is supposed to kill the poa very slowly so that the bent will fill in over top of it and there will be no void left in the treated area.  We have elected to try it on one putting surface and 2 collar/ approach areas.  We treated a small section on the back left of 5 green, the right side collar on number 8 green, and 2 passes in the approach in front of number 1 green.  We had to dot the areas with white paint because there needs to be at least 2 more treatments done at 2 week intervals.

Many of you are wondering about when the fairways are going to completely heal in from the verticutting in the spring.  With the nice weather we have been having, we have not received any rainfall.  I have not been watering them with the irrigation system either because we are trying to provide firm and fast playing conditions.  Without much water, it will take longer for them to heal.  The forecast is calling for rain this week so that will help.  We also have our spring fertilizer for fairways to put down hopefully next week.  This fertilizer does not have much readily available nitrogen in it as it supposed to feed the turf slowly through the entire summer.  The little bit of quick release that is does have though will help the lines fill in even faster.