Keep Your Eyes Open

This past week we had 2 incidents on the golf course that I would like to address.  Wednesday morning the bunker crew called on the radio and said we needed to come out to 6 green.  Someone had drew some interesting artwork in the greenside bunker and buried the flag stick in the sand.  To be honest, that is really not that uncommon.  It was what they did to the green that really got me upset.  They had taken the bottom end of the flag stick and jammed it into the green 30 or 40 times.  They also took a bunker rake and drug it across the green in 2 spots tearing up some turf.  I also believe they were on bicycles because there were at least 2 different sets of tire tracks found on the green as well.  After roughly 20 minutes, Dave and I repaired the green so we could mow it.  They also did the same thing to 7 green but it was not nearly as bad.  For anyone living on the golf course, please keep your eyes open during the evening hours and call the clubhouse or the maintenance department if you see anyone on the course after normal playing times.

The other issue I would like to talk about is personal golf carts on the golf course.  On Thursday afternoon, someone was traveling down the cartpath from 4 green towards 4 tee during the middle of the afternoon while play was on the hole.  They decided to leave the path and came up the hill behind the left fairway bunker.  They didn’t realize that there was a bunker on the other side until they crested the hill.  The cart came down the hill and into the corner of the bunker causing it to get stuck.  They shoved the cart out of the corner and drove out through the middle of the bunker.  The only place on the golf course that personal carts are allowed to travel are from the sidewalk behind the bathrooms on number 3 to the park entrance behind 15 tee.  If you are traveling to the club with your cart please use the gate on number 9 and take the road up to the clubhouse.