Fairway Update

The question that I have been getting asked the most is “When are the verticut lines in the fairways going to heal in?”  As many of you have noticed, holes 1 through 7 have more grooves in them than anywhere else on the course.  When we set up the machine for the first time, we had our spacing a little too tight and we were set just a little too deep, causing the machine to pull out more material than we should have been.  We corrected the issue when we hit number 9 and finished the course.

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week we set off on a mission.  Myself and 3 other people drove every fairway looking for the deeper grooves and filled them with sand.  We used our leveling tools that we use on the driving range and smoothed the sand out over the grooves.  This filled the area completely and worked the excess sand into the canopy.

We also fertilized fairways on Monday night with a slow release fertilizer.  The product does have some immediately available nutrients as well, as most of you can tell by how much the fairways are growing.  We also cut our growth regulator rates that we spray on fairways almost in half.

For the next week or two the fairways will be growing very quickly causing the turf to creep over the sand we filled in the channels and they will disappear.  Once we achieve our goal of getting the lines grown over, we will increase our rates of growth regulator when we spray and the fairways will get back to the nice tight lie you are accustomed to.