Last week I went on vacation with my family. It was nice to get away but I spent a lot of the time thinking about the course. I do want to take the time to thank Chris, Dave and the entire staff for the great work they did while I was gone. As I was driving back on Saturday we got stuck in a pretty big traffic jam going into one of the tunnels in Virginia. As I sat there, I started thinking about all of the cars that have to funnel into this one spot. That then led me to thinking about all of the traffic on the golf course being the same way. You can tell the spots that carts travel immediately: Left of number 1 fairway bunker, the end of number 7 fairway, right after the bridge on number 9, and the end of number 16 fairway going towards the green. These are spots that will always be thin and compacted because there is really no other option for carts to travel in these areas. The areas that receive tremendous amounts of traffic that most people don’t realize are the collars around the greens. We mow greens 6 to 7 times a week and everyday we roll through the collar to turn the mower in the rough. We also mow the collars 2 to 3 times a week. That is a lot of traffic just by itself. Then there are areas on collars that every person walking travels the same path. These areas are the front left of 4 green, the entire right side of 14 green, and the right hand side of 15 green. These areas are most definitely showing signs of great amounts of traffic on them, especially number 14 and 15. For all of the walkers out there, please try to make a conscious effort to enter and exit the green from a different point from time to time. As an example, try to exit 14 and 15 greens from either the back middle of the green or in front of the bunker on the right. This should help keep some of the stress off of these highly traveled areas.

Something else I noticed is that during the fireworks on Friday night, people came out to 5 fairway to view the show.  Someone decided to put on bug spray while standing on the fairway.  Bug spray and sunscreen will kill turfgrass so please apply them will on the cart path or in the parking lot.