Mystery Box

You may have seen the dark green square on the back left of number 5 green.  You can’t miss it- it sticks out like a sore thumb.  That is where we are conducting our PoaCure trial.  The trial consisted of 4 applications made 2 weeks apart.  Dr. Street from The Ohio State University has been coming out and applying the product.  This past Thursday he came out and made the final application.  Because of the trial, we cannot spray the test area with our normal greens spray.  We spray a certain growth regulator on our greens that will not let the PoaCure work like it should.  We have been skipping the area when we spray and come back with a pump sprayer and treat the test area without the growth regulator.  The side effect of the PoaCure is that is turns the bent slightly off color while it is killing the Poa.  In order to help with this, you need to increase your nitrogen rates while using the product.  After Dr. Street made his last application, we added a little more nitrogen to our pump sprayer to get the bentgrass growing vigorously to creep over the declining Poa in the test plot.  The color will fade in a few days and it will be barely noticeable.   Below are a few picture from when we started the trial until now.  The Poa will slowly die out during the rest of the summer and if the product works like it should, the plot should be completely clean by fall.