Preparation for Aerification

On August 18th we will be core aerating greens. I want to take the time to explain why we core so early and what we do leading up to aerification.

Poa starts to produce seed heads in late summer/early fall. And as you have seen before on the old greens, they are a very prolific seed producer. Our goal is to aerate greens and get them healed over as quickly as possible before the poa starts to seed. This gives us an advantage versus waiting until late fall to core and having thousands of open holes for Poa to germinate in. Another advantage is that the bent is growing more actively with the heat and will heal over quicker.

During the growing season we spray growth regulator on all of our bentgrass to slow the top growth of the plants. The main reason this is done is to maintain consistent putting speeds. Also with the lessened top growth, it also allows the plant to provide more energy to the root zone which is greatly needed during the summer heat. The week before aerification we will not be spraying a growth regulator on greens. You won’t notice immediately because it will take about a week for the residual regulator in the plant to wear off. When we core on the 18th the greens should be growing vigorously and the holes will fill over much quicker. Once they fill in, the regulator will be added back in the tank and top growth will slow back down.