Last week we finished clearing out the landscaping around the storm shelter on number 7. Earlier this year we removed the arbor vitae’s that surrounded the shelter on 3 sides. This past winter accumulating ice had snapped off or laid over most of them and they needed to be removed. We removed all of the stumps last week and decided to remove the railroad ties around it as well. The dirt was mounded up around the ties and it was starting to rot the 6×6 uprights for the structure. We prepped the soil and seeded the area after everything was removed. Since the ties were underneath the shelter, they were protected from the weather and were still intact with very little decay on them. Kenny decided to use them to strengthen the wood bridge running between 6 green and 7 tee. With the help of few other people, they are jacking up the bridge and using the ties to raise up all of the low spots. They should have all of the ties in place by Monday morning. They will also be securing any loose decking boards or guardrails at the same time.