Brown is Not Always Bad

We have finally gotten a pretty good stretch of good weather and the course has dried down nicely. When we can keep it this dry, everything firms up and it is really fun to play. Many of you can probably see the high spots in fairways starting to turn a little off color. That is a good thing! On higher heights of cut like fairways and tees, wilting is not such a big issue. the turf can be dried down significantly and will snap back when we give it some water at night. Greens however are a different issue. When the turf is cut shorter and we keep it as dry as possible, we have to constantly monitor the moisture in them, especially when it very sunny with low humidity. Greens are also made up of 100% sand as opposed to clay-which makes up our fairway profile. Sand had little to no water holding capabilities which makes it imperative that we check greens in the afternoons. We always try to find a gap to check greens in but on the weekend sometimes that is tough to do. So if you see us out there please know that it only takes a few minutes for us to syringe a green and get out of the way. We wouldn’t be out there unless we needed to be.