Under Pressure

Summer finally decided to show up this week. With the inch of rain we received on Thursday/Friday, coupled with the high humidity and temperatures, disease pressure dramatically increased. Because of greens aerification on Monday, we were not able to spray fairways as we usually do. Greens were sprayed Sunday night before aerification and we sprayed tees Tuesday morning. After the rain event, we were forced to spray fairways on Friday and Saturday. Normally I would never spray under the soaking wet conditions but it was imperative that we got a plant protectant down. When humidity and temperatures are high, brown patch becomes very active. Brown patch is a fungus that attacks the leaf tissue of the plant and will leave sometimes large irregularly shaped circular patches on turf. In early morning you will sometimes see a grayish “smoke ring” around the patch. I saw a few of these patches on Thursday so we had to get ahead of the disease. Below is a picture of brown patch fully developed.

brown patch