Rain Rain Go Away…

I know we needed some rain but Sunday morning was ridiculous. We came in at 6am and there was .25 inches in the gauge. It was perfect. It was just enough to give everything a shot of water and yet still dry enough to be 90 degrees in fairways. At about 7:30, everything changed. We ended up with 2.07 inches and the place was soaked.

The only good news is that with that much rain was that is let the greens flush. A USGA putting green has a perched water table. When you have sand over a coarse gravel layer, the sand will hold more moisture than the gravel under normal conditions. Under time of heavy precipitation, the build up of pressure will force the moisture through the sand and gravel and into the drainage lines that run through the green. The lake water we irrigate with is high in bi-carbonates and salts- like most everyone in central Ohio. Over time without natural rain these bi-carbonates can build up in the profile and tie up nutrients. When we flush like we did today, it pushes these through the profile and basically “cleans” the sand profile of the greens.