Getting a Head Start

Fall seems like it is coming a little faster than most people would like. Only in Ohio can it be 93 one day and then be 73 the next. With fairway aerification set for October 14th and 15th, we are taking the time between now and then to start working on aerification of tees and approaches. Instead of trying to knock all of them out in one day, we will be doing a few holes at a time. This was we can concentrate on getting the entire area cleaned up and topdressed without feeling rushed. We will also be able to do this with very little disruption to the membership. We will use Mondays to get the first part of the course done enabling us to work through the week ahead of play.

We will also be starting in on some tree removal around the golf course. Last year we did most of the removal in the winter when there were only 5 of us here. This left a lot of clean up work to do in the spring. By starting in the fall, we will have enough staff to completely clean up an area before moving on to the next site, thus giving us an added jump start for the following year. Like last year, most all of our tree removal will be Ash trees that have been infected by the Emerald Ash Borer. They are very easy to spot on the course- little to no leaves in the upper canopy while having multiple green suckers coming off the trunk.