Firming Up

What a difference a week can make. In an instant summer left and fall crept in. With the unseasonably cool temperatures and little rain we are able to dry the course out quite nicely. Fairways have received no irrigation for over a week giving plenty of extra roll. Greens have also been firming up. We are able to monitor moisture with our meters and because of the cool nights, we can keep our base numbers a lot lower. The only thing we have been watering regularly are tees. We water tees lightly almost every night to keep the sand and seed moist. This has been helping greatly in getting them to recover a lot quicker.

Saturday morning brought another surprise as well. An irrigation line blew out on the right side of number 9 par 5 gold tee. You wouldn’t even know that it was gushing water out if you weren’t looking for it because it was between the fence and the tee box. We have isolated the line for now and we will be repairing it on Monday.

Tee and approach aerification will start this week. We will be working on a few holes through the week ahead of play. This was we can have everything cleaned up before the first group gets there.