Irritation Part 2

Last week brought yet another fun day repairing an irrigation leak. Last Friday night an irrigation elbow failed just to the right of number 9 par 5 gold teebox. The line pumped water until Saturday morning when we found it and then isolated the line to shut the water down. Then came the fun part- digging it up to see where it was broke. After about an hour I had dug down to about 4 feet and found a pipe that was still going down. At this point I knew I had to wait until Monday when I could rent a mini excavator. On Monday, Chris and I embarked on our journey to find the break. After about 3 hours of digging we finally found it- 7.5 feet down! We soon realized what had happened. When the irrigation was installed there was no tee box there. After the construction of the tee, it left the main irrigation feed line about 8 feet down. We gathered the necessary parts and Chris repaired the line Monday afternoon. We left the hole open overnight and double checked that all fittings were properly glued in the morning. We pressurized the lines and check for leaks. Everything held together so we backfilled the hole and seeded it. Hopefully we don’t have another one of these issues again any time soon.