Easy Is Not Always The Best Answer

Last Tuesday and Wednesday we completed fairway aerification. It worked out really well for our membership being open that Monday because the weather was great for golf. Tuesday and Wednesday were a different story. Although the rain never really came down all at once on Tuesday, it would have been impossible to pull cores out of the fairways and be able to get them all cleaned up successfully. That is why we decided to solid tine fairways. This means we used a solid piece of steel to puncture a hole, shoving all the material straight down into the soil. This works great for getting air to the rootzone, but it doesn’t do very much for removing thatch from the fairways. When we remove cores, we pulverize the soil off of the plugs and work it back into the ground, leaving all of the tufts of thatch on the surface where they are collected and removed. If we tried to pull cores we would still be trying to clean up all of the mud that would have been left over. We are going to try to move up the fairway date for next year so we will have warmer temps and more sunlight to give us a better chance to get this time consuming process done in one day. It will also give us the ability to have a back up date lined up in case of bad weather.

Below is video of the aerifier in action: