Fall Changeup

Autumn in Ohio makes for some great golf when we get nice weather like this. It also brings about changes in our routine maintenance. With the cooler temperatures turf is not growing as actively as it does in the summer. This means we can reduce our mowing schedules, freeing up some time for another daunting chore- leaf cleanup. Leaves offer great views when you look out across the course but they are very labor intensive to clean up. Every morning we spend the better part of 3 to 4 hours blowing off playing surfaces and bunkers just to be able to mow turf or rake traps. Once they are blown then we have to come back and clean up piles of leaves that we have made. It’s like Groundhog Day sometimes. It is routine almost everyday until all the leaves come down. What really makes it fun is that different species of trees lose their leaves at different times. The leaves on the Walnuts and what Ash trees we have left are already gone, the Maples and Sycamores are just starting to let loose and then the Oak trees will start in a few weeks.

I would estimate that we use between 15 to 20 gallons of diesel and about 10 gallons of gasoline everyday we clean up leaves. Add that with roughly 16 hours of labor and you can see it is somewhat costly to do leaf removal.