Irrigation Blowout

Thank goodness it warmed up and the snow melted off this weekend. It will make blowing out the irrigation system much easier on Monday. We rent a big air compressor that hooks up to our irrigation system at the pumphouse on number 3. We can usually get this process done in one day if we start at 6:30 in the morning and work till around 5:30 that night. It is a necessary process to prevent water from freezing in the lines and heads that could cause a lot of damage.

We also started removing ash trees last week. There are about 12 trees between number 1 and 12 fairways that we are currently working on. With the amount of trees in this area, you probably won’t even notice that the trees were removed. We will continue working on tree removal for the next several months and then start in on grinding stumps.

We will be applying our dormant fertilizer starting Tuesday. Greens, tees, fairways and roughs will all get a dormant feed this year. This will ensure that we will have a nice green up once spring hits. With any luck, we will be done applying all fertilizer by the end of the week.