Ahead of the Game

One of the biggest jobs we undertake during the winter months is servicing and repairing equipment for the upcoming season. The first thing that Mike likes to tackle is grinding reels. Grinding every reel we have during the winter ensures a perfect cutting edge during the spring. We have a total of 30 reels that we use throughout the season. It is very time consuming to remove the reels from the equipment, tear them down, check all bearing and seals, grind both the reel and the bedknife, and then reassemble the units and put them back on the machine. I’m happy to say Mike has all the reels ground and serviced and ready to to be put back on the machines. We are roughly 3 weeks ahead of where we were last year. This will greatly help us during the rest of the winter to attend to the rest of the equipment and have everything ready to go for the 2015 season.