Putting it to Bed

Unfortunately we had to close the greens last week due to frozen soil conditions. Sand freezes much faster than native soils. The rough can be soft enough that a cart could leave ruts in it while the bunker right beside the same soft area is frozen solid. With the fluctuation in temperatures the greens will freeze overnight and slowly thaw throughout the day, then repeating the process every time we see a big drop in temperature. This freeze and thaw causes the soil structure to slightly “heave” when it freezes and then comes down when it thaws. This leaves the greens very soft and any traffic on them could cause damage to the rootzone. With the forecast not looking promising, we needed to get our plant protectant sprays on greens and tees as well as spreading over 7 tons of dormant fertilizer over greens, fairways/tees and roughs. We were able to get everything done last week except for some hand spreading around greens complexes and bunker banks. We should be able to finish up this week.