More Tree Work

We are continuing with Ash tree removal along the east side of the driving range. There are about 25 trees that need to be removed due to declining conditions. In most areas, the living trees around the Ash have matured enough to keep a viable screen along the property edge. There is one area though that will need to be filled in with new trees. We have 7 spruce trees that we will be filling that void with. 3 of them are currently being used in our holiday display in front of the clubhouse. Once the holiday season comes to an end we will be removing those trees and placing them in their permanent home along the range.

The traffic gate at the end of our parking lot has also been fixed. Over the past several weeks someone has been snapping boards off of the gate to gain access to the road. The constant abuse of the arm caused the cast iron gearbox inside to strip out and crack open. This repair cost us over $500 to get the gate working again. If you see anyone causing damage to the gates please contact the clubhouse and let us know.

All of us here at the maintenance department would like to wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to seeing all of you in the new year!