Tree Planting

With all of the holiday lights down we moved the 3 spruces trees out of the front of the clubhouse on Friday. On Thursday, we dug 7 holes on the east side of the driving range to plant spruce trees. We had 4 of these trees in our lot and they were planted the same day. We moved the trees from the clubhouse to fill the remaining 3 spots. There is now a great screen to block the view of our maintenance facility from the driving range. These trees will also provide a backstop from golf balls making it to the pond behind them.

Next week At&t will be installing a fiber optic cable into the clubhouse. As many of you have seen, all of the utilities have been marked up the front drive as well as along Heritage Club Drive. They will be boring the line in underground. They will have to make a connection splice along the left side of the drive though. This will cause them to have to dig up an area to make the connection. They will be in the grass so there should not be any road closures necessary. Please use caution coming into the club on Monday and Tuesday.