Quick Jobs

With the unusual weather conditions and the back to back holidays, it was hard to start any major projects since before Christmas. We took the time to knock out a few small jobs around the course and in the shop. Chris, Dave and Grant completed small drainage projects around the front nine. We had marked areas after a recent rain that hold water along cart path edges and in areas on the edges of some fairways. They dug up these areas and ran drain lines to existing drain tiles nearby. They were backfilled with pea gravel and we will finish these areas off in the spring with soil and sod. There are a few more areas to finish up on the back nine which will be done over the next few weeks if the ground does not completely freeze.

In the shop Mike and Kenny were working on our walk behind trencher that we will be using on longer drainage runs in fairways and roughs. Several parts were worn out and the teeth on the chain needed replaced. They completed the entire job in a day and a half and the trencher is running like new again.

I would also like to congratulate my second assistant Dave Norris and his new bride Donnay. Dave and Donnay were married on New Year’s Eve and we wish them all the best!