Chipping Away

With the snow melting off we were able to get back out on the course to continue with tree work. As stated before, we are only removing Ash trees that are completely dead or have over 50% decline on them. There are still a lot of Ash trees on the course that have little to no decline. We will leave these trees in place until they need to come down. On holes like number 4, it gives us time to assess what areas will need trees added back in to either provide protection to the homes or for aesthetic purposes to shape the hole. When the course was being built in the early 90’s, Ash was the tree to plant. This is why most trees that needed to be planted on the course and around the clubhouse were Ash. Our plan moving forward is diversification. We have already planted over 45 trees on the property. The majority of these trees were two different species of maple. We have also planted Cleveland Select Pear trees around the parking lot and Norway and Colorado Spruce trees along the right of 10, left of number 4 and along the driving range. Moving forward, we will keep planting a diverse selection of trees on the golf course. This will give us better protection from having to remove areas of trees if one type becomes susceptible to either insects or disease.