Praying for Spring

Last week’s frigid weather scrambled my plans that I had set. With sub-zero temperatures, the tree company I had coming in cancelled and re-scheduled for Monday; hence, we decided to take down a few trees ourselves. With wind chills around -15 degrees, we could only stay out for about an hour before we had to come in and get warm. We were able to make some headway although it was at a snails pace. The ash tree we did take down was on the right side of 17 just past the crossover. The tree had 4 separate leaders and all of them were about the same height. The entire base of the tree was completely rotten. I would have taken a picture, but I still haven’t been able to cut all the way through the stump. As soon as I hit the middle, the rotten wood instantly dulls my chain, and I have to go change it out for a sharp one. I have gone through 3 chains so far.