Fresh Coat of Paint

Every year we take the time in the winter to thoroughly clean all of the tee markers, trash cans, ball washers, cooler stands, and all range equipment. We then assess what looks good and can be stored until spring and what we need to paint and/or fix. We paint tee markers every year whether they need them or not. We first use wood filler to fix any dings or deep scratches then each set gets at least 3 coats of paint. This year we will repaint of all the bag stands and cooler stands as well.

The one thing we are looking into right now is getting our ball washers stripped and powder coated. This is a process that we cannot do in house. Powder coating involves putting an electrostatic charge on an item for the powdered paint to stick to. Then it is baked in an oven until dry causing it to form a “skin”. This process is very durable and should be able to withstand several years before they would need redone. We are currently getting several quotes to see what type of cost is involved.