Getting Close

We have starting grinding stumps this past week and have made good progress. We have even began filling some of the cleaned up holes with topsoil. By filling them now it will give time to freeze and thaw with the weather conditions and will help with them settling out. Next week we have a tree company coming in to drop a few trees that we are not comfortable handling in house. One is a large Ash tree along the bridge in the natural area on number 6. We have been monitoring this tree for the past two seasons and it has declined enough that I feel it is a liability if it remains standing. The same situation applies to the Ash tree on number 11 next to the cart path on the right. This tree was damaged from a storm before I came here and has only one main leader left on it. The backside of the tree was filled with expanding foam where it was rotting out. I’m not quite sure what the purpose of the expanding foam was but there is not much living wood left that is holding the tree upright.

As many of you that live in the neighborhood may have noticed already, we have installed cameras at both traffic gates. These are wireless cameras that transmit back to my computer in my office. Since I have started here there has been an incredible amount of damage done to these gates that we have had to pay for. Currently the entire gate controller from the homeowner’s side of the road is sitting in our shop for repairs. The constant bombardment the gate has taken has finally weakened the outer housing and it needs replaced. We are currently waiting on a vendor to locate a replacement for us. With the cameras in place we should be able to find out who is causing the damage and hold them accountable.