April Update

April is on our doorstep and it is time to start the golf season! We will officially open on Friday, April 3, 2015, and we have a lot to do get ready. The main projects we are currently tackling are cart path repair, bunker edging, and shoring up the railroad tie wall on number 9. Currently, all greenside bunkers have been edged and cleaned up on the front 9. We have 6 more holes on the back to finish. These should be done by the end of the week. The picture below is a clean edge put around the chipping green bunker. At the time we edged, the sand was frozen, so we couldn’t get all of the debris out of it. When it finally thaws out, the bunker will be blown out and shaped before it is raked.

We currently have the cart path on number 2 torn out at the crossover. This was the worst area of path that needed immediate attention. We removed the concrete from the affected area and dug out an additional 4″ of clay to back fill with gravel. Since we had the path removed, we thought it was a perfect time to add additional drainage to the fairway. We added several lines of drainage to the short side of the fairway and tied it into an existing drain on the left side of the long part. Once the drainage was in and the base was down for the cart path, we added forms for the new concrete which will hopefully be poured early next week. We will be repairing one more area on number 2 and another larger area by the putting green.

After we finish getting all of the forming done for the concrete, we will be moving on to the railroad tie wall on number 9. We will be replacing several of the rotten ties with newer ones and then banding the top portion of the wall. The banding will be a 2″ wide piece of steel and each tie will be screwed into it. This will help hold up the wall and prevent anymore ties from falling over. We will reevaluate the area in the fall/winter to see if the entire area will need redone.