In Like a Lion

Just like Mother Nature, we are coming into March like a lion. We have a lot to do, and we will be pushing hard to get it done. We still have a few stump holes to clean up and most of them need filled with dirt. We will spend a few days blowing off all bentgrass playing surfaces, cleaning up the sticks and other debris which winter has deposited. Hopefully the ground will finally thaw, and we will install the irrigation on the front drive. At the same time, we will be prepping disturbed areas for sod due to the installation of the fiber optic lines. Bunkers will be the major project for the spring. We will be hand edging all bunkers to put a clean, defined line on them. Once the edgings are cleaned up, all the bunkers will be checked for torn matting and depth of sand. We will be adding sand wherever it is needed. We also plan to re-sod the #4 greenside bunker bank this year, as well as a few others.

Keep your spirits up… We will be seeing views like this very soon!