Getting Into Stride

May is upon us, and we are finally getting into our normal routine. This means we are performing our regular mowing practices, bunker preparation, and general course setup on a daily basis. We are also gearing up for spreading 150 yards of mulch, spraying the entire course with crabgrass prevention, adding sand to bunkers, preparing to install irrigation on the front drive, and getting ready to level and reseed a quarter of the north practice tee.

We re-sodded number 4 blue tee. The middle of this tee was thin and had some ryegrass contamination in it. It should be ready for the next member event on the 25th.


We are going to install new walk paths on 4 of the bridges this month. We are using a Poly-extruded matting that is perfect for getting grip with a pair of golf shoes on but it is porous so it will not hold water. In order to install it and make it look perfect, we have purchased new deck boards to go underneath of the matting. We have planed all 66 boards down to 3/16th of an inch, so when the matting is installed on top of them it will be flush with the rest of the bridge.



Below are some of the pictures of number 4 greenside bunker that we re-sodded. Every year when it gets hot and dry, the middle of this face would dry out and thin. We removed the sod, shoveled out 10 inches of bunker sand that had accumulated over the past 20 years, hand packed in fresh topsoil, and put down new sod. This should make a major improvement to the quality of this bunker face when summer rolls around.





Last Monday we reverse verticut greens. This means we went down one way and came back on the same pass. Verticutting is vertical mowing. Blades spin vertically to cut leaf blades that are laying down. This process is done to promote upright leaf tissue thus increasing ball roll. After they were verticut we mowed twice to cut off the runners.