May Update

The last few weeks have been very busy for us here in the maintenance department. Two different aerification practices were performed on greens, a quarter of the north range tee was stripped out, re-leveled and seeded, the drainage issue on 16 fairway was repaired, spruce trees were planted on the right side of 10 tee, all of our annual flowers were planted and we put a big dent in our mulch pile.

On May 11th we deep tined greens and followed right after with the DryJect process. The deep tine machines were able to penetrate the green at a depth of 8.25 inches. This opens up great channels for roots to grow in. This also helped to soften up the putting surface so the DryJect machines could get a little deeper as well. DryJect uses water to frac a hole into the putting surface then immediately fills that hole with sand. We incorporated roughly 40 tons of sand into the greens without removing any material. Over a period of time this will help firm up the putting surfaces as well as diluting thatch.





Dyed Sand was used in one area to see how much we were getting into the profile.

Dyed Sand was used in one area to see how much we were getting into the profile.

We removed roughly 3 inches of sod off of the North Tee on Wednesday the 13th. The sod was hauled off site and then we proceeded to add 100 ton of mason sand to backfill the cavity. The sand was shaped, compacted and rolled until we had the proper surface drainage as well as making it as level as we could. We finished up this process on Friday morning. In the afternoon we put down 2 different pre-plant fertilizers and then the tee was seeded in 3 different directions.






Germination in 4.5 days!

Germination in 4.5 days!

Really starting to fill in

Really starting to fill in

We replaced one dead spruce tree on the right of 10 tee and added two more this past week. Our goal is to plant a few every year to block the view of the condos and to also protect them from getting hit from an errant tee shot.


Lastly, Chris edged out the pot bunker on number 6. Not really earth shattering news, but the before and after pictures are amazing so I thought I would add them in!