Aerification Season

Greens aerification was performed last Monday and it went very smoothly. The biggest question we get around this time of year is why do we have to do this now? Why can’t you wait until the golf season is over and do this? For the best results and quickest healing time, we need to perform these practices when the turf is actively growing. The holes will fill in much faster and we will be back to normal within a week.

Aerification is a necessary practice that I compare to regular service intervals on your car. Although it is sometimes inconvenient and costly, regular service on your car can help prevent a major problem from happening. Aerification and topdressing reduce thatch, increase oxygen levels in the rootzone, increase water infiltration rates, and most importantly reduces compaction. Doing these much needed cultural practices helps prevent a major problem from occurring.

Below are some pictures of our aerification processes. This year we added implements to the back of the aerifiers that eliminated having to manually push the plugs off of the greens. As the unit is punching holes, it pulls the cores with it and deposits them at the end of its pass.