Number 9 Renovation Update

The renovation of number 9 is in full swing and we are making great progress. I want to first say thank you to all of you during this process. There is a lot of moving parts going on all at once and it can be distracting at times. We greatly appreciate your patience during this construction process.

A lot has changed in the 3 weeks since we started. We first removed all sod from the right side of 9 fairway and saved as much sand as we could from the waste bunker. Once we removed the spoils we could then start moving dirt to bring the fairway expansion up to grade with the existing fairway. In order to obtain the dirt we needed without having to bring it in we removed the 2 large mounds front left of the green. We removed these mounds to also open up the view to the bunkers that sit to the left of the green. Once the mounds were removed we expanded the approach to give a bail out away from the water.

Once the fairway expansion was roughed in we moved on to the addition of two fairway bunkers. These were put in not only to shape the hole but to protect errant shots from reaching the road. We then installed a new irrigation line and 5 heads that would give proper coverage of the new bentgrass and bunker surrounds.

We then added 500 ft of drain tile that runs the length of the fairway and deposits into the creek. This will catch all surface runoff of the expansion. We also needed this line to tie our bunker drainage into. With drainage completed we installed our bunker liner and added sand to the new bunkers.

Yesterday we laid over 10,000 square feet of bentgrass on the new expansion. We removed the sod from the fairway before the road that will now become the new teeing grounds. Laying bentgrass sod is very tedious and time consuming but my staff worked diligently throughout the day and really did a fantastic job. We have a semi load of Kentucky Bluegrass sod coming in on Friday that will be laid along the expansion area and around the new bunkers. The remaining dirt will be seeded and should grow in well before winter.

We are now focusing our attention on the new tee boxes. With half of the short fairway removed we will be expanding the lake to get the material we need to construct the new tee complexes. We are starting to pile and shape dirt on the back tees and will be moving on to the blue tee very shortly.

Below are several pictures I have taken so far of the process. I will be posting more very soon.