Heading Into Winter

It seems like September and October went by in a flash. With the renovation of number 9 consuming a lot of our time we fought hard to continue our daily duties so that there would be little to no difference in conditioning on the rest of the course. Now that 9 is seeded and complete, we are turning our focus to our fall agronomic practices. We have already completed aerification of tees on the front nine. We are also aggressively verticutting tees at the same time. We have completed most of the bigger tees on the front but need to come back to the smaller ones. We will be starting the back nine on Monday.

Drainage will be another issue we will be tackling this fall. We have already completed a project at the beginning of number 16 that will keep the area dry from now on. We put in a dedicated 6″ line that runs directly to the creek that will catch all surface water in that area. After the 2.25″ of rain on Tuesday/Wednesday the area was completely void of any standing water.

November will consist of leaf cleanup and starting to put the course to bed for the winter. Irrigation blowout is set for the Monday before Thanksgiving. Our dormant fertilizer will be applied to fairways, tees and roughs when soil temperatures drop to below 50 degrees. Coolers and ball washers will be brought in when we start getting lows in the lower 30’s to avoid them cracking.

Lastly, Shelby Sparks has retired from my staff two weeks ago. Shelby has been a dedicated employee to Heritage for the last 17 years and he will be missed. Even though Shelby has retired I have a strong feeling you will still see him from time to time around Heritage.