Ready for Winter

The past week was all about winterizing the course for its 4 month slumber. First and foremost, anything that involves water was either brought in or blown out. The coolers and ball washers were drained and brought back to the shop to be sanitized and prepped for winter reconditioning. The bathrooms were winterized to avoid toilets and sinks freezing and cracking. Lastly, the irrigation system was blown out. This is a long grueling process that we go through every year. We start at 6:30 in the morning and finished in the dark at 6:15. Once the compressor is hooked up to the system, we put 40 psi of air through all of the lines in the ground. We then go to the satellite boxes on the course and systematically turn every head on one by one to force the water out of the lines and the heads themselves.

We will be starting in on tree pruning and removal in the coming weeks. There are several more Ash trees that have declined below 50% and will be removed. We will also be thinning some brush along out of bounds lines as well.

We are currently installing Christmas lights on and around the clubhouse. We have made a few changes to this years display which are really neat. I will post pictures on next months blog of the finished product.

Finally we here at the Greens Department want to wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!