Strange Weather

This has been a crazy weather pattern as of late. I have never seen a November and December like this before. We closed the greens last Sunday out of sheer necessity to complete our winter preparation. Last Wednesday, we mowed all bentgrass surfaces and applied our winter plant protectant spray to greens, tees, approaches and the range tees. This was a preventative spray for Pink Snow Mold. This fungus can infect the plant and although it is not lethal, it can cause bumpy and unsightly playing surfaces in the spring until it grows out of it when the temperatures come up.

On Thursday we buried the greens in topdressing sand. This not only helps level the playing surfaces in the spring but puts a protective coating of sand over the crown of the plant to help it get through the winter. Friday we did the same thing to the tee boxes. We also manged to fertilize all fairways and range tees with our dormant fertilizer. We have since started on rough but with this rain we will be delayed on finishing until it dries out.

Due to the rain we are now focusing on inside work. We have thoroughly cleaned out our mezzanine storage area in our shop and organized it contents. This helps us take inventory of what we have and decrease time spent looking for items in the spring. Equipment maintenance has also gotten underway. Reels have been broken down and are getting ready to be ground.

Lastly we have started a new project. We are underway constructing new tee markers for next year. Most people rarely notice tee markers but they can make a big impact on aesthetics when approaching a teeing ground. We have changed the design slightly and they should provide a cleaner look as to what is currently out there. Pictures will follow once we start to get some completed sets.

The maintenance department would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!