Course Update

Spring has come a little early this year. We are working hard on getting the course ready for the season. Our graden process in March was a great success. We removed a tremendous amount of organic material and at the same time incorporated almost 50 ton of clean sand back into the profile. Below are several pictures that I took during the process.

The guys have been hard at work getting bunkers ready for the season as well. Every bunker has to be blown out, edged, weeded and checked for a consistent sand depth. If the sand is unevenly distributed in the bunker, the crew will shovel from the high areas and move it to the low ones. Typically there is not enough sand to move around so we need to add new in. This year the crew added 125 tons of bunker sand. The bunkers desperately needed it and it should pay dividends throughout the golf season.

As many of you have seen, we are re-landscaping around the pro shop area. Some of the ornamental grasses have grown too big and were hanging over the cart path and blocking views of the golf course. We have installed irrigation behind the lake on 9 and are almost finished prepping the area. We will be sodding these clubhouse areas along with various other spots on the golf course next week.

Finally we have installed new cart path by 16 tee and at 11 tee. We raised 11 a little to keep the water off of the path and will be installing a drain next to it to dry the area up. We will be working on number 5 tee cart path next month at some point.