June Update

Greens aerification was completed on May 16th. We used small 3/8 tines to remove organic matter, back fill the holes with clean sand and to oxygenate the rootzone. The holes have filled over completely and we have already started to regulate growth again. With the plants not growing as vigorously now, greens speeds are returning to where they were before we aerified.

A new drain line was installed at the chipping green last week. The old 6″ line was completely filled with tree roots restricting the flow to almost nothing. We installed a heavy duty 8″ solid wall drain line to ensure that no roots will be able to clog up the line again. The water damaged turf by the chipping green has been seeded and hopefully we will not see standing water around the green again!

Some of our upcoming projects in June will be clearing out the creek line between number 1 and 9, planting our annual flower order as soon as it arrives, trimming back ob and hazard lines on both sides of 15, along the creek on 13 and 16, and along the right side of number 6 and 7. We will also be tearing out the cartpath along number 5 tee on June 6th. We hope to have the area cleaned out and formed for concrete by Tuesday and pour new concrete on Wednesday.