July Update

July was a very difficult month for the maintenance department. The difficulty being keeping turf alive with 90+ degree days and no rain in sight. With the exception of a few battle scars we have made it through the stretch quite well. Hopefully we will get a significant rain event soon and everything will even back out.

Last week we cleared the creek line between number 1 and 9. The brush had grown up and made playability an issue, especially when playing number 9. Everything was cut down and cleaned up within 5 hours and we will be maintaining the area on a regular basis from now on. Below is a before and after picture although it really doesn’t do it justice on how much it really opened the area up.



At the end of August we will be aerifying greens and fairways. Greens will be on the 22nd followed by fairways on the 29th. The reason we aerify so early is to have the holes completely healed in before poa starts to seed in the fall. Without and open area for a poa seed to germinate, we greatly reduce the chances of having more encroachment in our greens.