November Update

Over the past month we have been working on cart path upgrades for the course.  The bridge leading from #6 green to #7 tee has been removed.  In place of the bridge is a brand new cart path.  The construction of the path is complete and we are very happy with the outcome.  We now have a reliable path that is a smooth and safe ride.  #11 tee has also seen some work.  The small bridge has been removed and replaced with cart path as well.

Some of our green surrounds were beat up from this harsh summer.  We have sodded a lot of the areas so they will be ready to go next spring.  #8 and #14 saw most of the work.  We currently have boards on #8 left bunker and #14 right bunker.  We have reformed the edges of these two bunkers and sodded the surrounding area.

The course is showing signs of dormancy.  We are mowing as needed.  Tees will get some dormant fertilizer next week.  As of now we are done mowing tees for the year.  Fairways may see one more mowing depending on the weather.

Christmas season is upon us and the maintenance crew is spreading the holiday cheer! They have spent time this week to hang up our club house Christmas lights.  The clubhouse has also seen a small upgrade with the addition of landscape lighting in the front.  The sidewalks are now lined with lights to provide safety.

Picture1.pngHole 6 Bridge Demo

Picture2.pngHole 11 Tee Demo

Picture3.pngClubhouse Landscape Lights

Picture4.pngHole 6 New Cart Path